Published June 13, 2014


Interviews by Youth with Mentors That Matter

<p> In this inspiring book of interviews and photographs, youth honor the ordinary adults who reach out to them in everyday but extraordinary ways. Their multi-city project shows the profound effects on both teenagers and adults when all kinds of people&mdash;not just parents and teachers&mdash;take time to connect, converse, and care about young people.</p>
Published June 12, 2014

Forty-Cent Tip

Stories of New York City Immigrant Workers

<p> In these extraordinary black-and-white photographs and essays, students new to America present first-person stories of the working lives of immigrants from their New York City neighborhoods. A research project at three small high schools for newcomers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, it evokes enormous respect for both youth and adults who arrive here to start new lives with little but courage and grit.</p>
Published May 7, 2014

FIRST IN THE FAMILY: Your College Years

Advice About College From First-Generation Students

<p> This next-step guidebook for&nbsp;first-generation college students comes&nbsp;straight from peers who went before them. It covers practical as well as psychological issues with indispensable advice on how to stay in college and graduate. The message: &quot;You are not alone.&quot;</p>
Published March 10, 2014

FIRST IN THE FAMILY: Your High School Years

Advice About College From First-Generation Students

<div> <p> <strong>&quot;If we can do it, so can you!&quot;</strong> That's the message sent to high school students by their older counterparts, in this engaging first-person advice book, by and for first-generation college students. It&nbsp;emerged from intensive interviews with diverse college students nationwide, who were the first in their families to go on to college. Offering the kind of practical guidance that an older sibling would give,&nbsp;they accompany high school students on every step of their first-generation way to college, motivating and inspiring those who follow in their footsteps.&nbsp;</p> </div>
Published June 1, 2013

The Motivation Equation

Designing Lessons that Set Kids’ Minds on Fire

<p> <em>&ldquo;The student and teacher voices in this strikingly original book bring the principles of learning alive in practice. This kind of teaching empowers kids to reach eagerly toward mastery. Every educator will want to read this book.&rdquo;</em> &mdash;Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University</p> <p> This lively and discerning multi-media book brings together the actual work of teachers, the feedback of students, and the commentary of learning scientists to describe how&mdash;and why&mdash;high motivation and academic mastery develop in the classroom.&nbsp;Guided by an &ldquo;actual adolescent brain&rdquo; named Ned Cephalus and his pithy checklist for how youth learn, readers use the research-based &ldquo;Motivation Equation&rdquo; to analyze case studies of highly effective curriculum and instruction in six diverse middle and high school settings.</p> <p> Audio and video embedded on every page let the reader listen in as teachers describe their classroom practice and students tell what effects it had on their desire to learn. Scientists from an NSF Science of Learning Center join the conversation, pointing out strong connections to what research shows about mind, brain, and education.&nbsp;A lesson-study collegial protocol, downloadable worksheets for analysis and planning, and chapter-end discussion prompts make <em>The Motivation Equation</em> a high-interest resource that breathes new life into professional discussions rooted in the theory and practice of how youth&mdash;and you!&mdash;learn.</p>